Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Independent Games Festival

I found out about this whole Independent Games Festival yesterday and I decided that i would submit my tower defense game into the student competition. Its kindof stressful because my game is not done yet. I figured that I would work on it as much as i could and submit what i have.

The current state of my game

In order to prioritize everything that needs to be finished before the game is submitted i made this task list:

PRIORITY 1- Urgent! (MUST be done before game is submitted)
    handle all maps completed (game won)
    handle single map completed (fadeout/ win game screen)
    save game function (auto)
    load game function displays after main menu
    scaling (making new basic towers cost more after bought/ making enemies exponentially increase difficuilty)
    load game menu buttons(delete/save file buttons)
    balancing (not too hard but still a challenge, no "best" way to play)
        better bee towers (more attack)
PRIORITY 2- Needs (should be done before game is submitted)
    fly tower image
    raise shot kill boarders (homing disapear
    next wave button is messed up
    different variety of enemies (colors)
    new homingII image (just more flashy homingI)
    fix pause screen image
    towers more spread out in tower paths (redo paths? too little in nature)
    shrink tower placement info box
    orbital shots auto destruct after orbital is destroyed
    orbital shots maximun number
    orbital shots range issues

PRIORITY 3- Would be nice (should not be worked on unless priority 1 & 2 are clear)

    rotate towers towards target
    center and crop all of the tower images
    machine gun tower shoots faster, weaker, and more inaccurate
    nicer bee tower image (outline/shading?)
    new shot colors
    change wave 6 font
    change question marks in select map menu to locks
    fix in game buttons to be python generated instead of photoshop images
    make map.draw, HUDs.draw go faster (performace speed)
    toggle sound button (ON/OFF)
    in game sounds
    flamethrower tower

As you can see, there is alot of stuff that needs to be done. I just hope i will have a decent version of my game to submit.