Friday, August 5, 2011

Did I Mention I Got Hired As a Tester?

Here is the game i've been working on, It involves a bunch of mini games so the testing experience is... interesting.

Cellular Automaton Simulation

I made a little cellular automaton demo. Its pretty cool and I plan on using it to generate the textures for terrains, like the black tiles could be a dirt tile, and the white tiles could be a grass  tile. I think It will create a really cool random terrain effect. It runs pretty slowly, but i think thats a python problem with looping through 1000000 tiles every iteration :). But in the demo i limited it to 3 FPS and its rendering it every frame but it can go quite a bit faster than that, I just set it to those values because i think its cool to watch.

I included a windows exe file (no pygame/python required!)

Cellular Automaton Simulation

How to get hired by an indie game developer.

How to get hired by an indie game developer

I love articles like this, especially how the are written by the people doing the hiring ;)

Its worth the read.