Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Next Game

Heres some concept type stuff that ive been working on for my next game.

"But Josh!!! You need to finish your other game before you go making a new one. You have deadlines!!!"
Yeah, I know, but heres the deal:

At this stage, my tower defense game is going to receive about 3 more features. (Most of which can be seen on my checklist that i posted on this blog not too long ago) And the rest of the stuff is polishing, balancing, making images look better, lame stuff like that.

Which is very good!

but.. It doesn't challenge me at all.
Its like busy work from your history teacher named Eric.

And theres only so much of that busy work that i can do before my mind explodes.

So consider the last few days working on this NEW game to be nothing more than a very short break that will end soon.

It WILL end soon. Because, yes, I have deadlines.

Which i will talk about at another time.

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