Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Tower Defense 2.23 Released

Color Tower Defense 2.23 has been released. Source files and a windows executable are available. Python and Pygame are required to run the source. If you are running the source then run "Color Tower"

As for changes, I made some new tilesets for the backgrounds of each level. Hopefully they are nicer to look at and still give the feel that I was going for. A few other visual bugs have been fixed.



  1. Hi,

    I downloaded your sprite movement to target and it was very helpful but I have a question. I've been trying to make your program work with my scrolling map, and all other objects scroll correctly. However I have been unable to make that work with the vectored sprites. Have you done something similar with vectored sprites and scrolling?

    1. @Ethan, As I haven't looked at your scrolling map code or his sprite movement code, take my suggestions with a grain of salt and as kind a pointing in a helpful direction, rather than a straight up answer to your problem...

      Is the sprite being 'tied' to the world properly? Like does either the map know where the sprite is on it or the sprite know where on the whole map it is (I say whole map as opposed to just screen coordinates)?

      Outside of that, you said the vectored sprites don't work but you didn't say HOW they don't work. Or what they DO do instead of moving with the scroll as intended.

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