Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Im entering my game into the video game competition of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The deadline is January 28 which is coming up pretty fast. And I have stuff that needs to be done.

Heres my list of things left to do.


things that need art:

    Hydro 2
    Pulse Beam


custom exe icon - (use a resource editor)

different variety of enemies (different colors, could help with balancing)


cant hit enemies off screen
in game sounds

Ive added alot recently. Things like new towers, an arrow that says which way the enemies travel, heres my whole planner.

PRIORITY 1- Urgent!
    things that need art:

    Hydro 2
    Pulse Beam
    rename Hydro DEW to DEW and Voltaic arc to Hydro DEW
    give homing II a name!
    balancing (not too hard but still a challenge, no "best" way to play) ALWAYS CURRENT
    EXE creation
        custom icon - use a resource editor CURRENT

    make rotation bool FIXED
    package resources inside of the exe/installer (is this possible???)(not the best way[aClam]) CANCELED
    make difficulty select screen FIXED
    switch over to os.path.join FIXED
    better bee towers (more attack) FIXED
    handle all maps completed (game won) FIXED
    load game menu buttons(delete/save file buttons) FIXED
    scaling (making new basic towers cost more after bought/ making enemies exponentially increase difficuilty) FIXED
    handle single map completed (map complete screen) -FIXED
    save game function (auto) FIXED
    load game function displays after main menu FIXED
    different variety of enemies (colors, could help with balancing)
    make slows shoot at front of line
    know which direction the enemies come from (arrow maybe) FIXED
    tower replacement mode CANCELED
    tech tower paths FIXED
    orbital shots respawn time -FIXED
    fix delete file button FIXED
    change pygame window header text FIXED
    beam targeting type FIXED
    info box displays not enough money/ other errors...  FIXED
    hotkeys FIXED
    fade out and into game FIXED
    fly tower image FIXED
    fix in game menu buttons FIXED
    fix pause screen image FIXED
    towers more spread out in tower paths (redo paths? too little in nature) -FIXED
    shrink tower placement info box FIXED
    orbital shots auto destruct after orbital is destroyed FIXED
    orbital shots maximun number FIXED
    orbital shots range issues FIXED
    raise shot kill boarders (homing disapear FIXED
    get rid of prints FIXED
    hotkeys FIXED
    new homingII image (just more flashy homingI) FIXED

PRIORITY 3- Would be nice
    cant hit enemies off screen
    in game sounds CURRENT
    make map.draw, HUDs.draw go faster (performace speed)

    new shot colors - FIXED
    rotate towers towards target - FIXED
    toggle sound button (ON/OFF) - FIXED
    center and crop all of the tower images FIXED
    flamethrower tower - FIXED
    change wave font - FIXED
    fix in game buttons to be python generated instead of photoshop images -FIXED
    fix while loop lag in mad_cloud_games startup FIXED
    nicer bee tower image (outline/shading?) -Tyler/Chris FIXED
    machine gun tower shoots faster, weaker, and more inaccurate FIXED
    change question marks in select map menu to locks - CANCELED
    better image rotation - CANCELED

As you can see, theres alot of stuff that got fixed, Its amazing how much keeping track of your work can help motivate you and make you realize how far you've come.

Since my recent entry into the IGF, I really doubt that this Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is going to be as hard to submit as that. I had to write a huge description, make a video, and a ton of other things. I don't think the Scholastic is going to be as hard core as that.

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