Thursday, November 4, 2010

IGF Game Submitted! Part 1

I got my game all submitted to IGF this week. But it wasn't easy.
For starters, i must have spent 5-10 hours every day trying to finish things up. Pretty much most of the stuff on that list that i posted got finished or canceled.

For IGF game competition:

PRIORITY 1- Urgent! (MUST be done before game is submitted)
balancing (not too hard but still a challenge, no "best" way to play) CURRENT
load game menu buttons(delete/save file buttons) - Josh C FIXED
scaling (making new basic towers cost more after bought/ making enemies exponentially increase difficuilty) FIXED
handle all maps completed (game won) - Josh C
better bee towers (more attack)
handle single map completed (map complete screen) -FIXED
save game function (auto) -Josh C FIXED
load game function displays after main menu -Josh C FIXED
EXE creation -JoshC FIXED

PRIORITY 2- Needs (should be done before game is submitted)
info box displays not enough money/ other errors... -Josh C
fly tower image -Tyler/Chris?
fix in game menu buttons -JoshC FIXED
fix pause screen image -Chris FIXED
towers more spread out in tower paths (redo paths? too little in nature) -FIXED
shrink tower placement info box FIXED
orbital shots auto destruct after orbital is destroyed -Josh C FIXED
orbital shots maximun number -Josh C FIXED
orbital shots range issues -Josh C FIXED
raise shot kill boarders (homing disapear -Josh C FIXED
get rid of prints -Josh FIXED
hotkeys -Josh C FIXED
new homingII image (just more flashy homingI) -Tyler/Chris? FIXED
fade out and into game -Josh C CANCELED
info box displays not enough money/ other errors... -Josh C CANCELED
different variety of enemies (colors) -Josh C CANCELED

PRIORITY 3- Would be nice (should not be worked on unless priority 1 & 2 are clear)
center and crop all of the tower images -Chris CANCELED
rotate towers towards target -Josh C CANCELED
make map.draw, HUDs.draw go faster (performace speed) -JoshC CANCELED
change question marks in select map menu to locks -Chris CANCELED
toggle sound button (ON/OFF) -Josh C CANCELED
change wave font - FIXED
fix in game buttons to be python generated instead of photoshop images -FIXED
fix while loop lag in mad_cloud_games startup -Josh C FIXED
nicer bee tower image (outline/shading?) -Tyler/Chris? FIXED
machine gun tower shoots faster, weaker, and more inaccurate -Josh C FIXED
flamethrower tower -Josh C/Tyler CANCELED
in game sounds -Tyler? CANCELED
new shot colors - Josh C CANCELED


Thanks list! i couldn't have done it without you!

-the story of monday night-
The submission time was Monday night at 11:59
and i had been working on balancing/submission applications/fixing critical bugs ALL day.
I was feeling pretty good about myself and was all like "Hey i could actually do this."

so things were looking pretty good and it was 40 minutes till the deadline. So i submitted my application and it went to the next screen when i got a prompt saying: please upload your game to our FTP server.


first of all, ive never heard of FTP.
second, I have a half an hour.

half an hour.

I assumed that you needed to upload your game to a project hosting website, and then
you would send them the link. This is exactly what i had done in preparation; I uploaded my game to and sent them a link.

after some stressful research, I downloaded a FTP client...

Important information-
FTP stands for file transfer protocol.
posting something on an FTP server involves
downloading a FTP client and using it to transfer
the data from your computer to their server.

After getting an FTP client. I then went through the process of uploading my game.
Then the errors started rolling in. Were talking:

critical file transfer errors
login errors
write privilege errors
... just to name a few.

Remember that this was now less than 30 minutes before the deadline.

What was the spectacularly amazing helpful thing that happened to come along and save me?

part two coming soon

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  1. You can't leave the story there! What a cliffhanger! When do I get to play the game?