Thursday, November 18, 2010

Updated Priority list

After, what 3 weeks? or so since my last posting of my priority list, there have been a lot of changes.
My last posting of this was before my submission to the IGF student competition.
I was able to get a lot of the stuff done between the last posting and have added some new things to the list.


PRIORITY 1- Urgent!
    balancing (not too hard but still a challenge, no "best" way to play) CURRENT
    EXE creation -JoshC

    better bee towers (more attack) FIXED
    handle all maps completed (game won) - Josh C FIXED
    load game menu buttons(delete/save file buttons) - Josh C FIXED
    scaling (making new basic towers cost more after bought/ making enemies exponentially increase difficuilty) FIXED
    handle single map completed (map complete screen) -FIXED
    save game function (auto) -Josh C FIXED
    load game function displays after main menu -Josh C FIXED
    info box displays not enough money/ other errors... -Josh C
    different variety of enemies (colors) -Josh C
    orbital shots respawn time -Josh C
    tower replacement mode -Josh C

    fade out and into game -Josh C FIXED
    fly tower image -Tyler/Chris? FIXED
    fix in game menu buttons -JoshC FIXED
    fix pause screen image -Chris FIXED
    towers more spread out in tower paths (redo paths? too little in nature) -FIXED
    shrink tower placement info box FIXED
    orbital shots auto destruct after orbital is destroyed -Josh C FIXED
    orbital shots maximun number -Josh C FIXED
    orbital shots range issues -Josh C FIXED
    raise shot kill boarders (homing disapear -Josh C FIXED
    get rid of prints -Josh FIXED
    hotkeys -Josh C FIXED
    new homingII image (just more flashy homingI) -Tyler/Chris? FIXED

PRIORITY 3- Would be nice
    center and crop all of the tower images -Josh C
    rotate towers towards target -Josh C
    make map.draw, HUDs.draw go faster (performace speed) -JoshC
    change question marks in select map menu to locks -JoshC
    toggle sound button (ON/OFF) -Josh C
    flamethrower tower -Josh C/Tyler
    in game sounds -Tyler/Josh C
    new shot colors - Josh C

    change wave font - FIXED
    fix in game buttons to be python generated instead of photoshop images -FIXED
    fix while loop lag in mad_cloud_games startup -Josh C FIXED
    nicer bee tower image (outline/shading?) -Tyler/Chris? FIXED
    machine gun tower shoots faster, weaker, and more inaccurate -Josh C FIXED

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