Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Tower Paths

After planning some new towers i decided to make a new tower path

Which i am thinking of naming the tech path. or maybe science, alien, i dont know.. something scientific sounding

so when im all finished there will be

basic which will upgrade into
army ( with 3 more options(each with another upgrade))
nature (ditto)
and that science one (ditto)

the science one will have things like freeze/slow tower. Gaussian Beam, Repeater Beam, Focus Beam, and other stuff similar to that. (so scientific sounding, isnt it? ;)

I also plan on moving the Orbital tower into the nature path and renaming it Planet
It will then be upgraded into Galaxy. It will still have things orbiting around it just different theme.

Im planning to then fill the empty space in the Army path with a Splash Tower.
Im not yet sure how i will go about doing that, but not knowing how to approach a new idea has never
got in my way before!

The Tech path will have the options of
Freeze ---> Time Warp
Plasma Repeater --> Ion Repeater
Focus Beam --> Gaussian Beam

I will post a complete path tree soon with more "official" names and descriptions.

When i am done with all my towers i WIll have a total of... DRUMROLL....

22 TOWERS!!!!
RAHHHHH!!! MEGA TOWER POWER!!! TO THE MAX!@#!@$@#^O&!$&%!&$%!

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  1. Lol. Nice picture. Also that is a great idea.