Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color Tower Defense 2.0 Bugs and other issues.

I would like to thank all the people who have play tested version 2.0 of Color Tower Defense. And the comments and feedback have been a big help! 

I have noticed two issues which ill talk a little bit about.

K the first version that has issues is the source download.
The way that I'm doing save files is that i pickle a class which has all of the
useful stats inside of it, such as an open_maps list which holds whether each map has been unlocked or not. It then saves that file into the Resources folder.
So the issue is that Im compressing the source files code into a zip folder using Windows XP. 
And someone once told me that Mac and Windows use different zip file formats (or something like that)
So apparently, when I open the source files on a Mac, the pickled files get all messed up. 

So to fix it i'm either going to use a different save file format, not include the save files with the source (and have the game generate them when it runs, or maybe some kind of other option that I have not thought of.

The second issue involves (im pretty sure) all versions of 2.0. Its come up a lot, from tons of people who have played the game. And so I hear that some of the maps are not loading correctly, It has the right character movement, and the correct tower placement, but the image is all messed up. 
Ive looked into it a little bit. And im pretty sure that the issue is caused by multiple background map images being in the same list. So when (in my main loop) it draws the map, I think its drawing every map in the group. And at random times when you start a new map, the new map will be drawn before the old map. 
Im pretty sure I did a terrible job of explaining that, so ill try to make it more simple.

Theres a list, that holds the map images. My main loop used the list to draw the maps to the screen, all of the maps get drawn in the order that they are arranged in the list. But sometimes, the new map will be placed in the wrong spot in the list. It should be placed on top of the others. But sometimes it gets put in  between other maps. Which means it gets drawn, but immediately it has another map drawn on top of it. So the map you see is is the wrong one.

Im happy with that explanation.

So, I thought I was clearing the map list every time I opened a new map. But For some reason its not working.

Thats all the bugs im aware of at the moment.
Ill get working on them and try to release a new version pretty soon here.


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