Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Multiplayer Tutorial

This is an article that I have been reading about making multiplayer games using python, pygame, and twisted.

Multiplayer games tutorial

It is really helpful, as far as setting up a MVC structure. Which stands for Model View Controller. It basically separates the input (keyboard, mouse,...) from the display from the game logic. This is so you can use events to send things back and forth over the network. Which is useful for multiplayer.

The issue with this tutorial is that It does a TERRIBLE job of explaining how to use the twisted modules. Instead of starting small, and starting with something like, sending basic text messages to your server, or maybe starting with one object. It gives you an example that allows users to reconnect, multiple connections to the same server, and tons of other way complex stuff that you cant learn unless you understand twisted, which the tutorial doesnt explain.

Im going to look for a new tutorial cause this one isnt doing a good job.

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  1. I do find it a challenge to find good tutorials on networking and by extension, networked games.

    I'll probably still check out your link to have a look at MVC applied to games.

    I hope you find a good tutorial and pass a link along. :)